embracing the van life

In 2013, after a long career working for corporations in Information Technology, I had reached a critical midlife crossroads. My mind had traveled to a place where I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least try working for myself. At that moment, Scenic City Studios was born. Becoming self employed in the I.T. and web development space allowed me to become a digital nomad. Suddenly, I could work absolutely anywhere that I had access to the internet. This profound change is how I discovered #vanlife. 

Having been bitten by the #vanlife bug, I set to work building out a Sprinter van, and began living my dream of working for myself and traveling anywhere I desired. 

Thanks to my self employed digital nomad status and #vanlife freedom, I’ve been able to travel and work all over the United States, including visiting my clients all over the country in person. In addition, I’ve been able to work abroad in far flung locales such as Bermuda, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Panama.

One day, for my own enjoyment, I printed custom die cut decals espousing my love of #vanlife which I affixed to my Sprinter. At every stop, people asked about my decals. This led to taking orders and mailing stickers all over the world. Almost before I knew it, I was in the decal business, and Van Life Stickers was born. 

-Derek Rayburn

Derek Rayburn

The founder of Van Life Stickers.

Paula Rayburn

The brains behind our brand.